Battle Rifle Company to showcase Cutlass rifle at SHOT Show 2017

Battle Rifle Company will add the new Battle Rifle Ocean Blue to its lineup of maritime themed rifles. (Photo: Battle Rifle Company)

Battle Rifle Company will add the new Battle Rifle Ocean Blue color to its lineup of maritime-themed rifles. (Photo: Battle Rifle Company)

Houston-based Battle Rifle Company will showcase its Cutlass rifle, now with more color options, in an underwater demo at SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January.

The Cutlass, chambered in 5.56/.223, will be submerged in a fish tank of water to flaunt the rifle’s durability even in extreme conditions. The Cutlass is built on the BR4 platform of rifles from BRC and is designed with maritime security operations in mind.

In addition to exhibiting its sturdiness, SHOT Show goers will also be introduced to the company’s newest color called Battle Rifle Ocean Blue. According to BRC, the color is a “marine gray-blue” and fits flawlessly with the maritime theme.

“This rifle is perfect for shipboard operations, both coastal and riverine,” says Chris Kurzadkowski of BRC. “We built the Cutlass so that no direct ferrous, metal-to-metal contact is made throughout the entire rifle, ensuring corrosion-free operation, even after months at sea.”

Weighted between 5.5 pounds and 7.2 pounds with a 30-round magazine, overall length varies from 24 to 35.5 inches, depending on stock extension. The Cutlass sports a NP3-coated M16 bolt carrier group as well as coated fire control components and parts to meet the demands of shipboard operations.

The rifle features flip-up front and rear sights; but also has plenty of space on the extended rail to mount accessories.

The Cutlass is available in semi or select fire models and retails for $1,595.

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