Teens in custody after kidnapping, torturing mentally challenged classmate (VIDEO)

Four teens are in police custody after a disturbing video surfaced on social media Tuesday showing a young man being bound, threatened, and tortured in a Chicago suburb home.

Authorities believe the victim was initially lured into going with the suspects, who then stole a vehicle and took him to the location where the video was recorded. At that point, the victim was held against his will for at least 24 hours and possibly as long as 48 hours.

The four suspects, who are all black, can be heard yelling “F-ck Trump” and “F-ck white people” on the video while they kick, hit, and even cut the victim, a white male who was later discovered to be mentally challenged. The victim’s hands were bound and his mouth covered with tape. His clothes were also shredded and he had been partially scalped with a pocket knife.

At one point in the video, which the suspects clearly stated they hoped would go viral, the victim is forced to drink water out of a toilet.

City officials called the acts “reprehensible” and “sickening.”

According to the Chicago Police Department, officers on patrol Tuesday afternoon came in contact with the victim, who was apparently wandering down the street after being set free. Authorities described him as disoriented and soon thereafter learned about the video.

The victim remains hospitalized as of Wednesday night but is said to be in stable condition.

The incident remains under investigation and authorities are looking into whether it will be classified as a hate crime.

[ Fox 32 ]

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