Cops confiscated over 1,500 guns in New Orleans in 2016 (VIDEO)

Last year, law enforcement officers took a total of 1,505 guns off the streets of New Orleans, an average of about 30 each week, according to data released by the New Orleans Police Department Thursday.

The vast majority of the guns โ€“ 1,385 โ€“ were handguns, followed by just under a hundred rifles and 25 shotguns. Authorities say 66 percent of the guns they collected were linked to various crimes.

Authorities say handguns are the most popular among criminals because they are concealed the easiest.

Earl Johnson, a firearms control officer, said the department is โ€œvery aggressive about going out on the streets and removing these weapons from the bad guys.โ€

According to Johnson, the aggressive approach is partly responsible for the massive number of weapons the department collects.

โ€œThe more we do it, the more illegal guns weโ€™re going to bring in,โ€ he concluded.

[ The Times-Picayune ]

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