A look at the Martini-action Greener shotgun (VIDEO)

The British firm of W.W. Greener made Martini style single shot shotguns for most of the 20th Century and IV8888 has a great general purpose model from 1939.

Founded in 1829 by William Greener, the company started off with muzzleloaders then became huge advocates of breechloaders around 1864. This led Greener to produce a line of everything from Harpoon guns to “Empire” model police and prison guard shotguns which were used by the Egyptian Ghaffir police force and others for decades. In fact, Greener remains in the shotgun business today and is approaching their 200th annivesary.

Eric has a nicely maintained pre-WWII 12 gauge Greener GP born in Birmingham, England, and it kicks pretty good, but patterns slugs, bird and buck shot excellently.

Or anything that says “12” on it and is under 2.75-inches for that matter to include bean bag, incendiary and breaching rounds.

Now that’s “general purpose.”

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