Kids sending Navy dad off on deployment get surprise from San Diego cop (VIDEO)

Two kids who were waving goodbye across the water to their Navy dad who was headed out on his first deployment Thursday got a chance for a shout out over a PA system thanks to a San Diego police officer.

“I figured that he couldn’t hear them cause I could barely hear them from across the parking lot, so I just pulled my car over and asked if they wanted to use the PA,” said Officer James Weaver.

Four-year-old Rileigh and 2-year-old Austin jumped at the opportunity and it was about that time their mom, Brettany Buetow, broke down.

“I was holding it together pretty well until he asked them if they wanted to do that and I just slowly broke down and started crying,” said Buetow, who also has a 3-month-old baby.

The young mother said the officer’s small act meant a lot to her and the kids, but Weaver is surprised by all of the attention it’s received.

[ NBC San Diego ]

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