Diver uses speargun to fend off bull shark sneak attack (VIDEO)

Just when a spearfisherman in Australia thought it was safe to go back into the water, a speedy bull shark tried to bring some death from below.

The above video, posted by Liquid Vision this week, was purportedly taken in about 60 feet of water near a channel off North Queensland, Australia.

At first, it looks like a vacation GoPro reel, with the diver bobbing close to the surface and looking down to the seafloor for something to slap on the grill later.

Then in seconds, the small flicker below him becomes a straight up gray-suited ocean brawler with some shit on his mind.

Absent of a Glock with maritime cups or a nuclear depth charge, the Aussie calmly proceeded to ask said shark how the end of his spear gun tastes while he quickly sought to extend his reactionary gap.

And probably find a clean wetsuit.

According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, who has compiled shark attack statistics since 1580 (hey, it’s Florida) bull sharks are second only to Great Whites and Tiger Sharks in the number of documented attacks on humans, chalking up an even 100 over the years– 27 of those fatal.

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