Shannon Watts fires shots at NRA in Teen Vogue

Founder of Moms Demand Action Shannnon Watts demonized the NRA for loosening gun laws in an editorial aimed at America’s youth.

In the article published Tuesday by Teen Vogue, Watts asserts the NRA is at least partly to blame for America’s gun crime problem, claiming the powerful gun lobby has made it easier for tragedies like the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting to occur.

The meat of Watts’s argument consists of a list of ways in which the NRA has aimed to “weaken and block lifesaving gun laws.” The list includes the NRA has been:

  • blocking gun violence research;
  • making it easier for felons and domestic abusers to buy guns;
  • advocating eliminating gun-free zones;
  • preventing military officials and health care professionals from talking about gun safety with suicidal service members and parents;
  • supporting the argument that more guns in more places can help to stop gun violence;
  • and purposefully targeting vulnerable women in their marketing schemes.

Responding in kind, NRA member Jenn Jacques has detailed the flip side of the argument in an article for Bearing Arms. Jacques defends the NRA for fighting for the rights of gun owners everywhere, saying that the “Second Amendment doesn’t stop at the perimeter of a gun-free zone.”

Jacques also points to specific NRA proposals and programs, such as Refuse to be a Victim, to show the NRA may be doing more to promote gun safety than critics like Watts are willing to admit.

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