Yankee Hill Machine launches Turbo suppressor for 5.56

Yankee Hill Machine announced the addition of the Turbo 5.56 silencer to its lineup of cans set to hit consumers in 2017. (Photo: YHM)

Yankee Hill Machine kicks off 2017 with the new, budget-friendly Turbo suppressor designed for the 5.56 caliber.

The tubeless design was announced Tuesday by the Massachusetts-based silencer maker.

Coming in at 6.5 inches long with a diameter of 1.56 inches, the tubeless Turbo weighs 13.5 ounces. The Turbo is made from heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel and features 718 Iconel-treated blast baffles. The new silencer is full auto rated with an average 134 decibels on a 14.5-inch AR platform shooting 55 grain ammo.

The Turbo ships with a quick-detach muzzle brake. (Photo: YHM)

The Turbo ships with a quick-detach muzzle brake. (Photo: YHM)

The Turbo attempts to answer the industry’s call for a lightweight yet quiet can, according to YHM.

“As the current state of the suppressor industry grows and evolves, the demand for a high-tech, cost effective suppressor becomes more apparent,” a statement from YHM said. “(The Turbo) was designed to meet the increasing demand for a quiet, yet lightweight sound suppressor that won’t break the bank.”

YHM has certainly maintained a value-driven perspective with the Turbo, pricing the model at a very affordable $489.99. It’s worth mentioning, that the price includes a quick-detach muzzle brake.

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