Teen girl swats gun from 12-year-old classmate during chicken nugget McRobbery (VIDEO)

A 12-year-old boy was taken into police custody after he tried to rob a classmate of her chicken nuggets while holding a gun to her head inside a Harlem subway Tuesday.

The girl, who is 13 years old, was not injured, but she didn’t give up her chicken nuggets either.

The incident started inside a McDonald’s restaurant when the boy approached the girl and demanded she hand over a chicken McNugget. The girl refused and left the business, but the boy followed her to the subway.

While at the subway platform, the boy again told the girl he wanted a chicken nugget, only this time he held a gun to her head while making the demand. The girl reportedly smacked the gun away, then told the boy to leave her alone.

The girl, who said she saw the boy showing off the gun to another boy while on the subway, reported the incident to school officials and the boy was taken into custody the following day.

Authorities have yet to recover the gun used in the attempted McRobbery.

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