Man praises cop killer outside of sheriff’s office (VIDEO)

A Florida man took to protesting against the police and showing support for a cop killer while standing in front of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, and while some support his right to protest, others say it’s a downright disturbing move.

Orlando Police Department Master Sergeant Debra Clayton was fatally shot last week and Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Norman Lewis was killed in a car accident while in pursuit of Clayton’s killer. The suspect, Markeith Loyd, who was already wanted in connection to his pregnant girlfriend’s death, remains at large.

While the departments are receiving support following the deaths of the officers, Ian McGuire showed up at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office with a cardboard sign that read, “2 Cops Dead in Orlando, God Bless The Shooter.”

Angela Madison, who works near the sheriff’s office, said McGuire’s actions make her uncomfortable. She called the move appalling.

“Freedom of speech is one thing but that’s just disrespect,” Madison added.

Dr. Michael Mozetti, an Emergency Medicine Physician at a nearby urgent care facility said McGuire is purporting violence.

“Personally I think he needs to be on the FBI watch list,” Mozetti said.

“He’s not only a danger to himself or his surroundings, he’s a danger to society. Definitely a danger to the police officers he’s protesting,” Mozetti added.

McGuire is no stranger to law enforcement either. While he often protests outside of the sheriff’s office, he has also been arrested five times, including once for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2012.

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