New concealed carry bill proposed for Virginia schools

A new bill that would allow designated Virginia school employees to carry concealed handguns on school property was introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates last week.

The piece of legislation, called HB 1469 and proposed by Republican Del. Bob Marshall, would permit school boards and administrators to designate employees to conceal and carry handguns on school property.

The bill stipulates that anyone allowed to carry a concealed handgun on school property must be trained and certified on the safe handling and storage of concealed firearms. The training must be conducted by the National Rifle Association or the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety.

According to The Virginian Pilot, Marshall has pitched similar bills in the past that ultimately fell short, such as a 2013 bill that would have required all Virginia school boards to designate at least one employee to carry a concealed weapon on school property.

Marshall’s bill comes as the Virginia House weighs another bill, HB 1392, related to firearms in schools. The bill, proposed by Del. Scott Lingamfelter, would allow security officers with the required law enforcement experience and training to carry firearms on school property.

Both bills will be up for debate in the House Education Committee.

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