Breaking: Slain officer’s cuffs used to arrest alleged killer

When officers arrested Markeith Lloyd, accused of killing an Orlando Police officer last week, they used her handcuffs.

SWAT officers arrived at a residence Tuesday where they believed Lloyd to be hole up. Lloyd tried to escape out the back house and was met by tactical officers, Chief John Mina told reporters during a press conference Tuesday night. Lloyd quickly went back into the house and later exited through the front.

He came out with two handguns — one of which had a 100-round drum — and was wearing body armor. Lloyd dropped the pistols and surrendered to police. During the arrest, Lloyd suffered minor injuries to his face.

Despite the manner in which Lloyd exited the house, Mina said the arresting officers were able to bring him in peacefully without incident.

“The agencies involved are extremely professional, have always been very professional and I knew they would be able to hold back and restrain themselves, although he did come out with body armor,” Mina said.

The arrest occurred at a residence right around the corner from where Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton’s mother lives, Mina said.

A manhunt was launched for Lloyd immediately after his deadly encounter with Clayton. It was believed he was being assisted by someone in the community and a $100,000 reward was offered for information leading to his arrest.

“That’s a tradition in law enforcement that goes back many, many years and Debra Clayton risked her life for this community that she loves so dearly and put her handcuffs on the guy she was trying to catch when she was killed is just significant, it’s meaningful to her family … it’s meaningful to her OPD family as well,” Mina said.

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