Black Guns Matter encourages dialogue to debunk stereotypes

Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, is calling for people to stop relying on stereotypes to drive their arguments related to guns and race in this country.

In an NRATV interview with Colion Noir, Toure spoke candidly about his desire to create a dialogue with people of different beliefs and races and to civilly debate those who may question the mission of his group Black Guns Matter, which is aimed to promote gun education and safety in America’s inner cities.

Reflecting on a recent interview he did with The Blaze host Tomi Lahren, a vocal opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, Toure expressed relief that he and Lahren were able to come together and agree on the Second Amendment while still disagreeing on other issues.

“When I’m doing interviews, I’m always now, because of the name of our organization, and I’m so used to interacting with press that is so anti-gun,” Toure said, “I’m always kind of leery of what questions they’re going to ask that’s going to be the gotcha thing.”

Toure continued: “We agreed on the Second Amendment. She has values on certain things that I disagree with vehemently, but she’s still an American citizen and we are fighting for the same rumble.”

Many questioned why Toure would do an interview with Lahren, but to him, the opportunity to bridge the gap was just too appealing to pass up.

“Division is racial, it’s economic, it’s sociopolitical, it’s all of those different things,” Toure said. “And it’s like, OK, the position that I’m in is, what box you going to put me in?”

Toure discussed the backlash that came from his interview with Lahren and expressed dismay over racist comments coming from both sides. The less division the better, Toure believes, but he questions how citizens of this country aim to achieve progress without first having an honest conversation.

“I mean which way y’all want it?” Toure asked. “Do you want the dialogue? Do you want justice and objectivity, or do you just want to complain?”

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