New concealed carry bills introduced in Wyoming

Two new concealed carry bills were introduced to the Wyoming Legislature on Friday, one that would allow gun owners to carry concealed firearms on public college campuses and another that would allow concealed carry at government meetings.

House Bill 136, sponsored by a number of Republican Representatives, aims to repeal gun free zones on public college campuses so that gun owners may carry concealed weapons on any public college or university.

House Bill 137, proposed by a similar group of Republicans, would repeal current laws that prevent gun owners from carrying concealed firearms in government meetings, which would include committee and Legislature meetings.

Though Wyoming does not require gun owners to obtain a permit to carry a concealed gun, it still prohibits the concealed carrying of firearms in a number of locations, and recent bills intended to repeal those gun free zones have not made it out of the Senate.

According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, many school officials remain opposed to new concealed carry legislation, and support for concealed carry at government meetings has been varied at best.

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