Georgia cop not happy with Krispy Kreme order

Krispy Kreme

A police officer in Smyrna, Georgia, who grabbed some donuts from a Krispy Kreme last week was surprised to find the words “Black Lives Matter” written across the box containing his order.

“While it is clear this behavior was egregious in nature, Krispy Kreme did take responsibility for the incident,” Smyrna Police Department spokesman Louis Defense said in a statement.

The donut chain sent a letter of apology to the police department, and Krispy Kreme corporate spokeswoman Sarah Roof said the company “moved quickly” to investigate and “take appropriate action,” although it’s unclear what that action entailed.

“As a company, we value both our customers and employees and respect all viewpoints. The experience did not live up to these high standards we set for ourselves,” Roof said.

Roof, declining to comment on any specific disciplinary actions, said they will use the experience as an opportunity to “train the staff at all of our U.S. shops to reinforce mutual respect between employees and customers.”

[ Atlanta Journal-Constitution ]

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