Now there's a 'Craigslist' just for vets and first responders

Patriot List is a buying and selling service available online or as an app. (Image: Patriot List)

Patriot List is a buying and selling service available online or as an app. (Image: Patriot List)

A novel venture was showcased at the Anteris Alliance “try & buy” event, an outdoor fair and range affair held in Las Vegas during the kickoff to the 2017 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show.

Patriot List is the brainchild of Colin Supko, who was on active duty with SEAL Teams before retiring as a California-based reservist with the Teams and launching a new life in the business world. Supko, a graduate of the prestigious Stanford University School of Business, developed Patriot List as a safe and veteran-friendly alternative to public sales forums.

“Patriot List is the Craigslist and Ebay of the military and first responder community,” said Supko as he showed off the site’s front page, with lamps, pants, and other stuff for sale. It can be used as a website,, or as a free app for Android and iOS.

Registration for Patriot List requires proof of affiliation with a military branch and can be a direct or indirect link. By a family association and membership in USAA, this writer was able to register herself. Supko said the business is international and aims to serve all government employees in the future. Upon examination of the site, it appears those functions are yet to come.

Like its civilian counterparts, Patriot List allows sellers to decide whether their items are available for shipment, local pickup, or both. While the site allows the sale of ammunition and gun parts and accessories, firearm sales are prohibited.  Supko said that international laws and laws pertaining to guns and financial transactions are too prohibitive to accommodate gun sales.

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