DC cops’ body cams won’t be on during inauguration protests (VIDEO)

Law enforcement officers patrolling the Washington, D.C. area during the inauguration won’t be allowed to turn on their body cameras unless an arrest is being made or other action is required.

ACLU Spokeswoman Monica Hopkins-Maxwell told reporters that police shouldn’t be allowed to surveil individuals simply exercising their first amendment rights, and in fact, it’s against the law for law enforcement to turn on the cameras just for the sake of monitoring demonstrators.

Hopkins-Maxwell further noted, “Our concern is around the availability of body cameras, what is done with that data, who looks at that data and what that data’s used for.”

However, the ACLU is encouraging demonstrators to record police activity. In fact, the group is offering Mobile Justice, a real-time app that records and allows the user to instantly report questionable actions by law enforcement.

Authorities are expecting anywhere from 500,000 to up to 1 million demonstrators before, during, and after the inauguration.

[ NBC Washington ]

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