Jesse James' bigger booth, new gun at SHOT 2017 (VIDEO)

Jesse James is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He’s out of his small booth and into a bigger, better booth at SHOT Show 2017. He’s on backorder for a year and he’s got some nice new models.

James has been making guns for the last four years under the name Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, or JJFU.

“The resistance to us being in the industry is almost non-existent.” James says. “People realize, ‘wait, he’s not going away and he’s doing nice stuff. Just kill ’em with quality.”

James has a new rifle that’s California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey compliant. “It’s like a proper trench-gun.” It’s 5.56mm and is meant to handle like an AR-15 but without certain features to make it compliant.

According to James, the new rifle will retail for around $4,500.

If you’re at SHOT, be sure to stop by the Jesse James Firearms Unlimited booth. It’s number 411. His dog Coco is there too.

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