The Kahr engine cranks out updates: New .380s, 9mm and Desert Eagles

Kahr Firearms Group owns the trade names Thompson, Auto Ordnance, and Magnum Research, Inc., in addition to Kahr Arms. At SHOT Show 2017, KFG announced seven new versions of firearms.


Desert Eagle L5 Mark XIX, now in 44 magnum. (Photo: Team HB)

Under the Desert Eagle umbrella, the lightweight L5, formerly chambered only in 357 magnum, is now also made in 44 magnum. “Lightweight” is, of course, a relative term. An anodized black aluminum frame keeps the big, five-inch barreled monster to a weight that’s under 50 ounces, making it New York compliant. MSRP is $1,790.


Desert Eagle L6, Mark XIX, now also chambered in 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum. (Photo: Team HB)

The L6, also with an aluminum frame but sporting a six-inch barrel, goes from a model to a line of guns in 2017 with the addition of two new calibers. The big gun is now being made in .347 and .44 Magnum, in addition to the original .50AE. MSRP is $2,054.

On the Kahr Arms side of the house, the company has done some very useful updates to their .380-caliber carry guns. Pachmayr sleeve grips have been added to the CM9093, CM4543, CW3833, and CT3833. Pearce grip extensions make them more comfortable to shoot. Sights have been upgraded too, with most models having night sights, including Trijicon tritium. These changes address common criticisms of these models, and should raise Kahr’s status on the concealed carry playing field.


Kahr’s extensive pistol display at SHOT Show 2017. (Photo: Team HB)

CM 9093

CM9093. (Photo: Team HB)


CM 4543. (Photo: Team HB)

In addition, the CW3833 as well as some 9mm models have had a permanent graphite carbon fiber textured coating treatment to the entire frame. In this writer’s opinion, it’s a perfect custom touch, adding texture to the handling, and an attractive but not gaudy, still-concealable appearance.

A new textured, carbon fiber finish is almost a sure hit. (Photo: Team HB)

A new textured, carbon fiber finish is almost a sure hit. (Photo: Team HB)

CT3833. (Photo: Team HB)

CT3833. (Photo: Team HB)

All these newly updated guns are available now.

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