Robots, vests and grenades, oh my, at Safariland's booth (17 PHOTOS)

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Booth attendance was light early Tuesday, but that didn’t last long.

The Safariland booth at SHOT Show 2017 features several items for law enforcement and military use.

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Safariland body cameras.

Safariland had a couple body camera options on display, including a new device that’s activated when a gun is drawn from its holster. Click here to view photos of the new device and other cameras on display at SHOT Show 2017.

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He’s ready.

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Tactical Command Industries radio and cell phone headsets, including the Liberator series.

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Cuffs, batons and riot control body protection.

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More “less lethal” tactical gear.

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Safariland’s newest edition to their launcher family, the 40 mm Tactical 4-Shot Launcher. Safariland Representative John Kaples says this is the lightest launcher in the industry.

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A variety of flash bang grenades, or “distraction devices” were on display.

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Some OC and pepper sprays in varying sizes and strengths.

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More single-shot launchers and projectiles.

The Avenger robot, a new bomb disposal and tactical robot by Med-Eng, provides police and military teams with a lighter weight option, with similar lifting abilities and features found on heavier models. The unit weighs about 220 pounds and costs more than $150,000, according to a Safariland representative.

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The new Avenger robot from Med-Eng, on display at SHOT Show.

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Urban use, land warfare, and heavy weapons gloves were on display.

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A Safariland representative demonstrates the “extreme heat resistance” of the heavy weapons glove.

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Several body armor options were on display, for men and women.

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Tactical vests.

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By Tuesday afternoon, the booth was heating up.

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