Cabot Guns: A premium 1911 gallery (11 PICS)

Cabot Guns of Pennsylvania is perhaps best known for its $4.5M Big Bang meteorite pistol set, displayed at SHOT Show 2016. The company continues to use novel materials and processes in the creation of its premium 1911s. Here’s a sampling of their 2017 SHOT Show display.


Hand-engraved by Otto Carter, the Legend of Sacromonte can be yours for $50,000 USD.

Dragon claw

The Dragon Claw, with ebony grips. $4,950.


Mirror image

National Standard Deluxe, mirror image stainless steel finish, a left/right hand set with ebony grips. $35,000.

vintage classic

Vintage Classic finish with American holly grips. $3,995 each.

Woolly mammoth

The Jones Deluxe, with woolly mammoth tooth grips. No kidding. $25,000

Monarch mastadon

The Monarch, with mastadon tooth grips. $9,995.


The 5103 Limited, commander size. Ebony grips. $3,995.


A little custom work: the beavertail is in-frame, separate from the grip safety. Exquisite checkering is standard.

Alchemy Custom Weaponry

Vintage Classic finish with walnut grips. $3,995.


Prototypes by Alchemy Custom Weaponry. Note the beavertail-less concealment model.

Cabot has purchased Alchemy Custom Weaponry, but is keeping the brand, and staff, the same. Alchemy-branded pistols will sell in the range of $2,500.

In addition to the Alchemy acquisition, Cabot Guns is building every standard right hand model in 9mm. “It’s not very sexy, but people are asking for that,” said general manager Michael Hebor.

All photos by Team HB. 

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