Body cameras, gun-mounted, tactical, hunting at SHOT (22 PHOTOS)

As body cameras become more common for law enforcement across the country, the market is experimenting with the form — developing new technologies and options, some of which were on display at SHOT Show 2017. Tactical cameras were also at the show, as were new trophy and hunting cameras.

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Safariland brought standard body camera options to SHOT, but also unveiled something new. (Photos: Brian Seay/

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The Vievu LE4 body camera boasts a 95-degree view and 12 hours of continuous recording.

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The new, lower cost LE5 Lite costs $199 and is intended for small and medium-sized agencies.

A new item on display at the Safariland booth is being called “the world’s first holster and camera auto-activation system” — the Safariland 7TS Duty Holster. A sensor attached to the holster tells the camera to start recording when the gun is drawn, alleviating the need for law enforcement officers to concern themselves with manually engaging the camera while in the line of duty.

03 IMG_5510

The new Safariland 7TS Duty Holster.

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Representatives at the booth said Vievu is developing a wireless system for future applications.

At Viridian, retired law enforcement officer Josh Sheahan noted how officers’ arms can get in the way of a body camera when their gun is drawn, blocking the view of the lens. Sheahan now works for Viridian, and said the company offers gun-mounted camera units for commercial and law enforcement use – a new spin on the body camera theme. He said he’ll be meeting with officials in Las Vegas this week to let them try out the gun-mounted law enforcement unit, and determine if it’s a tool they’d like to use.

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The Viridian booth at SHOT Show featured new weapon-mounted cameras.

06 IMG_5691

Viridian is offering three options — the Fact Duty, for law enforcement officials, and the Fact Compact and Fact Micro for commercial use.

07 IMG_5693 DUTY

The Fact Duty will be sold specifically to law enforcement and is set for a 2017 release.


The Fact Compact is for commercial use and is currently available for purchase.

09 IMG_5695 MICRO

The Fact Micro is also for commercial use and is currently available for purchase.

10 IMG_5692

The Fact Series display case.

Tactical Electronics offers camera solutions for tactical use. Snake-like devices that can be inserted into a tight space, dog-mounted units, and other tactical cameras were on display at SHOT Show.

11 IMG_5671

The Tactical Electronics booth at SHOT Show.

12 IMG_5649

Two cameras from Tactical Electronics on display.

13 IMG_5650

More camera solutions from Tactical Electronics.

15 IMG_5653

Close-up of the HHIT Flex unit from Tactical Electronics.

16 IMG_5670

A Tactical Electronics representative demonstrates how the Video Fiberscope unit might be used to detect a device that’s not easily accessible.

17 IMG_5660

A Tactical Electronics unit.

18 IMG_5654

A dog-mounted unit from Tactical Electronics.

SpyPoint debuted a new trail camera at SHOT Show.

19 IMG_5700

New trail cameras from Spypoint.

20 IMG_5704

Spypoint’s Link-S is a solar-powered, cellular trail camera.

Bushnell also had some new cameras on display.

21 IMG_5710

The Bushnell Trophy Cam E3 and the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD – No Glow, the latter of which is “exactly what hunters have been waiting for.”

22 IMG_5716

Cheaper models from Bushnell include the Proof series from Bushnell, ranging in price from $99 to $149.

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