Firearm Coloring Book alleviates anxiety, stresses safety

01/20/17 10:52 AM | by

The book is slated to arrive in consumers' hands the first week of February. (Photo: Kitfox Designs)

The book is slated to arrive in consumers’ hands the first week of February. (Photo: Kitfox Designs)

Sara Westman has diligently created firearms designs for a host of companies through her design company Kitfox Designs, but now the graphic designer is taking her talents and funneling them into a new passion project — the Firearm Coloring Book.

While coloring books are nothing new and firearm specific ones have cropped up over the past year; Westman’s book is different. While she says that helping adults kick back and color some stress away is nice, it’s the safety aspect that she’s most focused on.

“Firearm safety and education are really important to me,” Westman told at SHOT Show this week. “It is for all ages, but since it is a coloring book we wanted to give parents who buy it a resource so they can educate their kids.”

Westman added the book is an easy means to segue into tough discussions.

“Because of the nature of what it is, it allows you to talk to people about guns,” said Westman. “It’s a great conversation starter.”

As word circulated within the gun community, sponsors began lining up offering support to the project. Noveseke, Modern American Shooting & Firearms, Tactical Solutions, Squared Away Customs and Dead Air Silencers are among some of the entries within the coloring pages.

Westman walked the SHOT Show floor offering fans a sample page from the book. (Photo: Kitfox Designs)

Westman walked the SHOT Show floor offering fans a sample page from the book. (Photo: Kitfox Designs/Facebook)

Westman has poured many man-hours into the project, working up until SHOT Show to make sure all the details were in place for the book launch. Originally scheduled for a 500 book run, she said that since the word has gotten out that number may change to 1,000.

“It just exploded,” she commented. “I’m flabbergasted. Gun shops across the country are asking for them. I had someone from Hawaii email me and ask about carrying them.”

Indeed, Westman was catching quite the buzz at SHOT Show, despite not having the actual book in hand. Whether it’s the attention to detail in her work or her infectious enthusiasm about the project, Westman’s book is already turning out to be quite the conversation piece.

Firearm Coloring Book is available online for pre-order. The book will officially drop in February and retails for $14.99.

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