Man claims self-defense in deadly domestic shooting (VIDEO)

Police are investigating a deadly shooting that occurred in North College Hill, Ohio, Tuesday morning.

The 24-year-old man who fired the deadly shots said he acted in self-defense after the girlfriend of his ex-girlfriend first pulled a gun on him.

The ex-girlfriend and Brianna Ware had been arguing at their home and the woman’s former boyfriend came to the house to gather some belongings for the woman. Police say at first things were civil and the man made several trips in and out of the home, loading the woman’s things into the car.

But then, for reasons which were either unknown or not disclosed at the time, Ware retrieved a gun and stood in the doorway. The man, who police confirmed has a valid concealed carry permit, pulled his own gun and shot Ware in the chest.

Ware was transported to a local hospital, where she later died.

Chief Ryan Schrand said Ware’s gun was loaded but they do not believe she fired any rounds.

Schrand said the incident is still under investigation and they are working to determine what sparked the deadly confrontation.

[ WCPO ]

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