Man admits to robbing bank to get away from wife

Lawrence Ripple

A 70-year-old Kansas City man pleaded guilty to robbery in a Kansas court Monday, but he’s not afraid to go to jail. In fact, Lawrence John Ripple said the reason he robbed the bank in the first place was because he preferred to go to jail rather than go home to his wife, who was also in court.

Ripple is accused of robbing the Bank of Labor in Kansas City on September 2, 2016. After collecting cash at gunpoint from the teller, Ripple went into the lobby of the bank, sat down and waited for the police.

When officers arrived, Ripple apparently said he was the man they were looking for and admitted to robbing the bank after an argument with his wife.

Ripple faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

[ The Topeka Capital-Journal ]

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