Guns stolen from North Carolina gun show (VIDEO)

Police are investigating after several guns were stolen ahead of a gun show Saturday night at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina.

The Coliseum has overnight security and one of the guards apparently noticed the merchandise missing Sunday morning.

About 300 vendors were set up for the gun and knife show and police are still working with those vendors to determine just how many weapons were taken.

“It’s kind of crazy that they even managed to get away because every gun is chained to the table,” said Andrew Cooper, who regularly attends the gun show. “So I don’t know, whoever did it had to be working with somebody.”

Captain Renae Sigmon of the Greensboro Police Department expressed concern over who now has the weapons.

“If they are breaking into an establishment to steal weapons then that makes you think they can’t get it any other way and if someone’s breaking in to steal weapons then you can kind of follow that they don’t have the best intentions with those weapons,” Sigmon concluded.

She said they hope to get the guns off of the streets as quickly as possible.

[ WFMY ]

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