New Viridian laser sights for M&P45 Shield

Check out Viridian's new laserbeam for the Smith & Wesson Shield 45. (Photo: Viridian)

Check out Viridian’s new laserbeam for the Smith & Wesson Shield 45. (Photo: Viridian)

Minnesota’s own maker of electro-optics — as the kids call it — released a new laser sight line for Smith & Wesson’s .45-caliber M&P Shield handgun.

Viridian expanded its Reactor line of attachments to include the green R5 laser, the red R5-R laser and the RTL tactical light. They all use the company’s proprietary “instant-on” technology that activates automatically when used with the “instant-on” holster.

As the company explains, red lights can be difficult to see in daylight conditions whereas a green light is much more visible — hence the $90 increase in price.

The built in the USA products range should be in stores now, according to the company. Prices range from $119 for the light, to $149 for the red laser and $239 for the green.

Viridian has a host of electro-optics available in addition to the lasers. The Minneapolis company also makes holsters and weapon-mounted cameras and illuminators.

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