New purple women’s holster by JM4 Tactical

(Photo: JM4 Tactical)

(Photo: JM4 Tactical)

Just in time for Valentine’s shopping, Texas accessory maker JM4 Tactical announced that it’s magnetic concealed carry holster is now available in a new color: passion purple — or just purple.

JM4 Tactical says the Purple Quick Click and Carry Concealed holsters are hand-made with top-quality, veg-tanned leather that is pH Balanced for limited damage to the finish of a handgun.

The magnetic retention allows for carry without belts or clips, rounding out the QCC collection for fashionistas wanting to carry while still sporting fitted jeans, athletic shorts or yoga pants.

The inside-waist-band holster retails for $84.95. Other colors include brown, teal, tan, pink and black. JM4 Tactical operates out of Abilene, Texas, where the company says products are all American made.

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