Another magazine under fire for Trump cover

Trump german magazine cover

A German magazine stands behind their decision to choose a not so flattering cover image of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The cover of Der Spiegel features Trump with a bloodied knife in one hand and the severed head of Lady Liberty in the other. Opinions – both in Germany and elsewhere – have been split over whether or not the image is acceptable. However, editor-in-chief Klaus Brinkbaeumer assured that the image was not meant to provoke anyone but rather to illustrate what the magazine believes is a threat to democracy.

“We want to show what this is about, it’s about democracy, it’s about freedom, it’s about freedom of the press, freedom of justice and all that is seriously endangered,” Brinkbaeumer said. “So we are defending democracy … Are these serious times? Yes they are.”

Still, others, including Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, a member of Germany’s Free Democrats and vice-president of the European Parliament, described the image as “tasteless.”

Similarly, the Irish magazine Village also faced scrutiny for their latest cover, which featured Trump with crosshairs on his head.

[ The Guardian ]

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