What is Trump's 2nd Amendment Coalition? (VIDEO)

On Nov. 3, Donald Trump announced a group of grassroots and mainstream groups as well as public figures called the Second Amendment Coalition with the sole purpose of protecting Second Amendment liberties.

While many of the groups and individuals already service the mission, it was unclear what they would do as a conglomerate. Guns.com caught up with two of its members, gun maker Jesse James and six-time Olympic medal winner Kim Rhode, at SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January 2017 to discuss more about it.

“The coalition is really about bringing a lot of industry and experience to the table to help, advise and give him the best advice opportunities to help the industry that we can,” said Rhode.

At the top of the list for James is universal concealed-carry reciprocity. “If you’re fingerprinted and you’re double background checked and you’re firearm trained to have a concealed carry license in your state, that should transfer to every other state. And it doesn’t now,” he said.  There is currently a bill in Congress that hopes to achieve this.

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