Cheesecake Factory hit by ‘explosive’ then car (VIDEO)

A Pasadena Cheesecake Factory has experienced an unusual amount of bad luck the last few days, first being hit Thursday with what was described as an explosive, then being hit (literally) by a car on Saturday.

Police say a man believed to be of Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent with a thick beard and wearing all black walked up to the restaurant Thursday around 6 p.m., opened the door and threw a device inside that exploded and filled the business with smoke.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad arrived on the scene and gave the all clear.

No one was injured, but it gave customers and employees quite a scare. And while the device was initially described as an explosive, authorities later determined it was a homemade pyrotechnic device, ie. a firework.

As things were seemingly getting back to normal at the business, Saturday just before 4 p.m., a man lost control while driving past the business and crashed into the building.

Again, no one was seriously injured, but the building was damaged.

Police do not believe the two incidents are related.

[ Pasadena Star News ]

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