Gun control advocate Amy Schumer packs heat in latest film role (VIDEO)

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are a madcap mother-daughter duo in Snatched, a kidnapping comedy during which Schumer and Hawn apparently turn the tables on the snatchers– with the help of a gun.

Billed as a family vacation to Ecuador gone wrong, Schumer plays Emily, a 30-something who encourages her more sedate mom (Hawn) to be more spontaneous and the pair wind up kidnapped in the Third World in the process.

Currently in post-production by 20th Century Fox, the latest trailer for Snatched shows Schumer armed and kinda in charge through the help of a stainless semi-auto handgun.

The irony of the situation, of course, is that Schumer is an outspoken champion of gun control who sits on the Everytown Creative Council alongside Julianne Moore, Sarah Silverman and Rachel Drach, bearing most on Instagram for the cause.

Schumer, a relative of New York Democrat U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, has lent her support to initiatives proposed by the lawmaker to tighten background checks on gun sales. Beyond this, she has repeatedly lampooned gun culture and online gun sales while pledging to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected President.

Snatched was filmed in Puerto Rico, and it should further be noted that both that Commonwealth and Ecuador have very strict gun laws, including making it extremely hard to purchase semi-auto handguns.

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