Umarex's Legends MP is a select-fire BB gun with familiarity (VIDEOS)

For those who always wanted a “Schmeisser” to call their own, the company has a full-auto .177 SMG air gun based on the legendary German Maschinenpistole 40 (MP 40).

The twin 12g Co2-powered, giggle-switch enabled, metal-framed air gun uses a 60-shot magazine and is a replica of the 9mm bad guy sub gun of WWII fame (but to be correct, Herr Schmeisser had very little to actually do with the MP40).

Umarex’s Richard Turner talks about the Legends series MP at SHOT Show this year in the video above (though he flubs and says WWI rather than WWII) and shows off the guns attributes to include a folding stock and fun button. It is built for steel BBs and will run them at 450fps– perfect for plinking or *wearing the hide off a Soviet reenactor.

*Just kidding, don’t actually wear the hide off a Soviet reenactor with one of these. That’s not nice and, besides violating every gun safety rule, will probably result in you not getting invited to many living history events moving forward.

More on the Legend MP below.

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