Ammo maker supports families of fallen officers with special edition ammo

02/9/17 11:01 AM | by

The limited edition series will be available soon for purcahse at gun shops an stores. (Photo: Federal Premium)

The blue-boxed ammo will be available soon for purchase at gun shops an stores with a portion of proceeds going to C.O.P.S. (Photo: Federal Premium)

Federal Premium is giving back to those in blue by offering a special edition line of handgun ammunition to benefit Concerns of Police Survivors.

Packaged in a limited edition blue box, the full metal jackets will be available in three calibers — 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. A portion of the proceeds will go to C.O.P.S. The non-profit, founded in 1984, aids families of fallen police officers by offering a variety of services to include counseling, scholarship programs and special events.

“Now shooters can get the most from every training session and honor those who’ve laid down their lives in the line of duty,” Handgun Product Lane Director Jason Nash said in a statement. “We’re proud to partner with C.O.P.S. to support families of law enforcement officers.”

The ammo is priced at $17.99 for 9mm, $24.99 for .40 and $30.99 for .45. Though not yet available online, Federal says the ammo has started shipping and should be available soon in stores.

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