Army Ranger fatally shot after breaking into woman’s apartment (VIDEO)

An Army Ranger was shot and killed after he broke into a woman’s apartment in Columbus, Georgia, Sunday morning.

Witnesses say Christopher Warden arrived at the Armour Landing Apartments just after 7 a.m. and went to an apartment where he believed his wife to be. His wife was not at the apartment and despite Warden’s friend and a neighbor both telling him he had the wrong apartment, he continued to beat on and kick the door.

Warden’s friend and the neighbor both called 911 as Warden continued to try to get into the apartment.

Unable to get through the door, Warden then broke a window and started to climb inside as the neighbor pulled on him in an attempt to keep him out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, the female resident heard the commotion and had armed herself with a gun. Once Warden was inside, the woman yelled at him to get out of her home, but Warden continued to advance toward her as she stood in her bedroom. The woman, in turn, fired a single shot, striking Warden in the chest.

The woman then also called 911.

Police arrived within minutes and Warden was transported to a local hospital where he died a short time later.

Authorities say the woman is not likely to face any charges.

It’s unknown where Warden’s wife was during the incident, but she was not in the apartment as he suspected.

[ WRBL ]

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