Facing 18 felonies, suspect says cops are ‘after’ him (VIDEO)

For the eighth time in a year, Chase Young was arrested in Tulsa Monday and although he’s facing 18 felony charges, Young says someone is setting him up, the police are after him, and he’s innocent. Authorities, however, say Young is a serial thief who makes a living stealing other people’s property.

During his most recent arrest, police found Young in possession of four large boxes of items believed to be stolen from storage units. In the parking lot of the hotel where Young and his girlfriend, Jena Spitler, had been staying, police also recovered a 1970’s Corvette that was reported stolen about a week ago. The owner’s manual to the Corvette was found in Young’s hotel room but he said he knows nothing about the stolen car.

In addition to theft, Young’s record includes various gun and drug-related charges, but he maintains he’s innocent.

[ Fox 23 ]

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