Game warden uses Glock .45 to break up antler jam-up (VIDEOS)

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism game warden Lynn Koch used his sidearm to separate a pair of bucks locked up at the antler– on the first shot.

A body cam video of the event, which happened in December in rural Coffey County, was posted to the agency’s social media page this week and shows Koch and another KWPT warden walk up on the exhausted animals prostrate in the ice and snow.

“Should I just try to shoot the antler?” Koch asks warden Brad Hageman, who is just off camera.

Seconds later, still 20 feet away, he says, “All right, boys, hold still. Hold still.”

The comes the crack and the bucks are away.

“They probably had a little bit of a headache because it rattled their heads. But for the most part it didn’t hurt them one bit,” Koch told local media. “Was just hoping I could get it done in as few shots as possible, and I got lucky and got it on the first shot.”

It’s not the first time this has happened in Kansas, below is a video from 2012 that shows much the same event, except one of the deer had already expired but was trapped to the carcass of his former adversary– and it takes more than a single shot.

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