Go along for a gunsmith's inspection of a milsurp rifle (VIDEO)

Mark shows you rest of the story to the term “you should have that inspected by a gunsmith before firing,” by checking out what looks to be a well-used Lee-Enfield .303 rifle.

As part of C&Rsenal’s new “Anvil” series, Mark gives the classic Magazine Lee–Enfield (MLE) a good exam inside and out for “hate and discontent” with the help of a really sharp Dixon No. 2.

If you have ever been curious about just what the smith checks for, this video worth your time because what he finds when it gets the gun out of the stock is just nasty.

If you are curious about Mark, there is more about him and his shop below as he tries to hand-craft some unobtanium ammo for an 1893 Romanian Mannlicher (which eats .256 Mannlicher/6.5x53R) from some British .303 brass. Hard to get 6.5x53R at the local big box these days.

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