LumaShark illuminated handguard lights up the night

Hardened Arms took weaponized lighting to a new level introducing a free-float handguard equipped with integral dual high lumen flashlights called LumaShark.

Unveiled at SHOT Show in January by AR accessories maker Hardened Arms, the design is gaining steam and attention for its fresh take on mounted lighting. The LumaShark system merges an AR-15 handguard with dual 1150 lumen Cree lights for an all-in-one package.

Weighing 22 ounces, the 12-inch handguard is made of durable aluminum which is also waterproof. The system uses standard or rechargeable CR123A batteries, readily available at most retail stores.


The LumaShark merges lighting into the 12-inch, free-float handguard. (Photo: Hardened Arms)

Hardened Arms says the lighting system is geared toward both civilians and law enforcement.

“This lighting system is made to provide not only illumination on the darkest of nights but also to aid law enforcement when they need to light up a suspect and disrupt the intent cycle,” the company’s website says.

The LumaShark is available now and ships with a barrel nut, the LumaShark handguard, glove hand buttons and batteries. The package retails for $399.99.

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