Microfit takedown pins by JP Enterprises tighten-up AR builds

The pins come in three sizes to allow AR fans the ability to dial in a custom fit. (Photo: JP Enterprises)

The MicroFit pins come in three sizes to allow AR fans the ability to dial in a perfect fit. (Photo: JP Enterprises)

Firearms and parts maker JP Enterprises unveiled its solution to loose fitted AR-15 and AR-10 upper and lower receivers with new MicroFit takedown pins.

The takedown pins aim to resolve the issue of poorly fitted receivers that impact accuracy due to wobbling around while shooting. The pins bring most receivers up to a “rock-hard fit” which provide stability on the range.

The pins aren’t just for loose builds, though. Undersized pins can also resolve receivers that are too tight, as is the case with some post-Cerakote models.

The MicroFit series come in three sizes — mean, oversized and undersized — for both front and rear receivers. The mean pins match standard takedown pin sizes while the oversized and undersized are offset over .001 from the standard size. This slight variation allows for some leeway in terms of tightness, offering more opportunities to get that perfect fit.

“We’ve been fighting the issue of poor receiver fit for 20 years, which is when our original Tension Pin debuted,” JP Enterprises founder John Paul said in a statement.  “Ask any bolt gun shooter. They will tell you that a rifle loose in its stock will not reach its accuracy potential. An AR with a loose upper/lower is no different.”

The MicroFit pins require no modifications to the receiver to work, they simply replace current pins.

The pins are brightly polished to a near mirror black finish and feature a durable coating that resists wear and corrosion. In addition, the pins feature a two-faceted punch or bullet capturing recess giving shooters the ability to apply a little force to the pins without scratching the receiver.

While one pin will set shooters’ back $15, JP Enterprises offers packaged Microfit sets in .223 and .308, which come with the front pivot and rear takedown pins, for only $28.

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