Trump signs 3 actions 'designed to restore safety in America'

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed three executive orders “designed to restore safety in America,” he said.

The orders came shortly after the president swore in Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Oval Office and focus on strengthening federal law enforcement in its efforts to hamper transnational criminal organizations, prevent international trafficking, better protect law enforcement personnel from harm and increase federal penalties for those who perpetrate it.

One of the three actions also directs the attorney general to appoint individuals to a newly-created Crime Reduction and Public Safety Task Force, which will be given the authority to share information to reduce illegal immigration, drug trafficking and violent crime.

The new group will also be tasked with identifying weak federal laws and proposing new legislation to strengthen them. It will also be required to submit a report to the president in a year — and each subsequent year — on the progress it has made.

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