Bodycam captures Baltimore man point gun before fatal shooting (VIDEO)

The Baltimore Police Department released body camera footage Thursday showing a man raising a gun in the direction of an officer, prompting the officer to open fire, killing the man.

Video from the body camera of Detective David Kincaid shows the detective chase 18-year-old Jamal Deal after he jumped out of a car Tuesday and ran from police.

In the video, Deal can be seen turning and raising a handgun before Kincaid opens fire. After the shooting, audio reveals an out-of-breath Kincaid yelling “shots fired” into his radio. Deal later died.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis praised the detective. “I expect police officers to chase people who bail out of cars with guns, that’s an expectation that I have of police officers,” Davis told the Baltimore Sun. “And beyond my expectation, I think it’s the community’s expectation.”

Davis called Deal a “menace to society” and explained he was a person of interest in a homicide from late last year. Deal had been arrested three times in the last month for guns and drug charges. District Judge Nicole Taylor granted Deal bail Monday, and gave him a 1 p.m. curfew so he could keep going to school.

“You’re not going out at night, you’re not going to get food, you’re not going to meet your girlfriend. You’re in your house,” Taylor told Deal at a hearing Monday, raising her voice.

Deal broke that curfew the very next day, a decision that led to his final run-in with police. Davis questioned the judge’s decision.

“Why wouldn’t you hold him on no bail and protect the community?” he asked.

“It shows dysfunction, I believe, in our criminal justice system,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh. “People who have those many gun charges probably should not be on our streets.”

A report from the Baltimore Sun late last year showed that gun crimes yield soft sentences in Baltimore, a trend that’s seen a decline in the number of people held without bail after they’re arrested with illegal guns.

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