S2-USA selector lever replaces standard shotgun safety with AR style lever


The S2-USA selector switch safety, pictured on a Bennelli shotgun, replaces button-style Remington and Benelli shotgun safeties with an AR style lever switch. (Photo: Signature Solutions)

Parts maker Signature Solutions announced the S2-USA selector switch safety is now ready for sales and distribution in all new packaging.

The patent pending S2-USA safety replaces existing cross bolt safeties with a M4 style Selector Switch Safety for shotguns. Currently, the company offers the part for two models — Remington and Benelli shotguns.

The innovative safety is designed to aid shooters accustomed to shooting ARs and M4s. The S2-USA safety provides for continuity of movement and training for safety manipulation because the operator doesn’t have to think or positively identify if the button is depressed.

Equipping shotguns with the same style safety as that of ARs allows shooters to react swiftly to threats, saving valuable time.

Executive Vice President of Sales, Kirt Rothe, served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army and brings 20 years of experience in law enforcement to Signature Solutions’ team. Rothe said that the S2-USA safety is a game-changer given that law enforcement and some military teams switch between shotguns and rifles in the field depending on missions.

“With a shotgun in virtually every police vehicle, utilized by military and SWAT breacher teams and the primary weapon of choice for home defense, maintaining continuity of training makes it more reliable and safer to operate for everyone,” Rother said in a statement.

The S2-USA safeties install in minutes by a licensed gunsmith or armorer and retails for $47.95.

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