Gun rights advocates march on California Capitol

Gun rights advocates took to the streets Sunday and marched on California’s State Capitol building in Sacramento.

Fox News reports that the Second Amendment supporters peacefully marched in Sacramento from the Tower Bridge to the State Capitol, fed up with the state’s gun control measures they say infringe on their rights as American citizens.

“We’re tired of California lawmakers trampling on our gun rights,” march organizer Jacob Shockley told reporters.

Demonstrator David Bouilly added: “These demonstrations are an important part of the political process this gets the public noticing the cause.”

Both Shockley and Bouilly decried the recently implement California law that changes the definition of an “assault weapon.”

“California is making it illegal to own certain types of rifles. It’s very frustrating,” Bouilly told Fox News.

“Too many rules, regulations, laws that don’t make sense,” Shockley said.

The crowd, watched by Sacramento Police and California Highway Patrol officers, was not confronted by any opponents of their message. Organizers said it was all about encouraging people to fight for their beliefs.

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