'Trucker Lives Matter' spokesman gets NRA attention


Trucker Lives Matter spokesman James Lamb joined Colion Noir on NRA-TV last month to push pro-gun legislation called the Michael’s Law Amendment.

Lamb described Trucker Lives Matter — connected to the Small Business in Transportation Coalition — as a “race-neutral” movement “designed to highlight the plight of truck drivers in terms of the lack of the ability to carry, but it really is a movement at this point that is intended to help all Americans get the right to carry from state to state.”

The proposed legislation, Michael’s Law Amendment, was drafted by Lamb in late 2015 and came as a response to truck driver Mike Boeglin’s murder and several other instances of truckers who were victims of gun violence.

According to a Monday press release , the legislation would amend the current Federal statute (18 U.S.C. 926A) and “is essentially a ‘Constitutional Carry’ measure that affirms the Second Amendment pursuant to the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution and applies to not just truckers — but to all Americans traveling from state-to-state,” Lamb said.

According to Lamb, the Michael’s Law Amendment has recently been picked up by Sen. Marco Rubio, whose team is formalizing the legislation and planning to introduce the bill in the Senate. The proposed amendment can be found in its entirety in Monday’s release.

Lamb says he is directing the campaign on the Trucker Lives Matter website, launched last month, and that the group already has 22,000 members. Those interested are directed to join TLM’s Facebook Group.

The site also links visitors to an online petition intended to sway the NRA to support the Michael’s Law Amendment. Lamb said he emailed the petition to the NRA last week and that it has more than 6,000 signatures.

The TLM has also published results of an online poll, which attempts to determine trucker interest in the NRA. According to Lamb, “over 92% of truckers polled advised us they would either join the NRA or renew their NRA membership if the NRA endorses the ‘Michael’s Law Amendment.’ We’re hoping that’s enough to make our bill, their bill.”

Addressing the travails of truck drivers with Colion Noir, Lamb described a life of solitude on the road, with many routes taking drivers through dangerous areas of the country.

“Right now, I mean, we’re dealing with a stat right now that’s alarming, it’s horrible,” Lamb said. “It’s 50 workers within interstate transportation every year being murdered.”

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