TSA donates unclaimed clothes to homeless veterans


The Transportation Security Administration at LaGuardia Airport in New York delivered more than 10 bags and two boxes full of clothing to the Brooklyn Vet Center Wednesday to be handed out to homeless veterans in need.

The exchange marked the beginning of a new partnership aimed at putting unclaimed clothing to good use.

The more than 400 articles of clothing – most of which was left behind at security checkpoints – consisted of coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and other items. The abandoned items were left in the lost and found office for 30 days, then the unclaimed items were packed up to go to the Center.

The Brooklyn Vet Center will redistribute any items they don’t use to similar centers in need.

“The officers who helped with the delivery were honored to participate and assist our country’s veterans,” said Veronica Falzon, TSA’s Screening Support Center Manager at LaGuardia Airport, who also oversees the TSA Lost and Found Office. “We know we’ll make many people happy, and we are just so glad to be able to do our part.”

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