Tipton Cleaning Supplies unveils new gun vise for bows and firearms

The Ultra Gun Vise is configured to accept both firearms and bows. (Photo: Tipton Cleaning Supplies)

The Ultra Gun Vise by Tipton works with a variety of firearms and bows, to include AR-15 platforms. (Photo: Tipton Cleaning Supplies)

Tipton Cleaning Supplies say they are ready to revolutionize the vise industry through the newly revealed modular Ultra Gun Vise.

What sets this gun vise apart from others in the industry, is its modularity and ability to accommodate both firearms, compound bows and crossbows, the company says.

Featuring dual clamp technology, the front and rear clamps are both height and length adjustable to accommodate a variety of weaponry. In addition, the Ultra Gun Vise features a center mag well block for AR style rifles as well as the ability to accept break-action firearms, clamping the barrel and leaving the rear available to swing open.

The steel tub structure gives complete access to any gun or bow for cleaning or tooling, while solvent resistant accessory and tool trays withstand years of hard use. Modules and tool trays can be moved and re-arranged to suit the needs of each individual. Independent leveling feet give long-range shooters the ability to precisely level a firearm for scope mounting and non-marring, over-moulded surfaces protect all finishes.

The Ultra Gun Vise retails for $179.99.

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