Trump: there are 2 Chicagos, one safe, one worse than most of the Middle East (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump again talked about Chicago during his feisty press conference Thursday, describing it as a city split between the rich and the poverty-stricken.

Near the end of his nearly hour-and-a-half press conference, Trump responded to a question regarding his agenda in the inner-cities.

“We have places in this country that we have to fix,” Trump said. “We have to help African-American people who for, the most part, are stuck there. We have to help Hispanic-American people. We have Hispanic-American people that are in the inner cities. And they’re living in hell.”

Trump then went on to use Chicago as an example of such a city.

“There are two Chicagos as you know,” the president said. “There’s one Chicago that’s incredible, luxurious and all and safe. There’s another Chicago that’s worse than almost any of the places in the Middle East that we talk about, and that you talk about every night on the newscasts.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week, responded to Trump’s recent remarks by noting he had requested more resources to deal with Chicago’s crime problem.

Trump has repeatedly brought up violent crime in Chicago and last month tweeted that he would “send in the Feds!” if the violence continued.

The Chicago Tribune reports there have been 432 shooting victims and 84 homicides so far this year in Chicago.

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