Dual wielded Glocks join a string quartet for some Strauss (VIDEO)

Russian-based IPSC competitor Vitaly Kryuchin runs 20,000 rounds per year in practice but in his free time, he likes to relax with a little music, for which he breaks out his own custom Glockenspiel.

The Noir String Quartet plays Austrian composer Johann Strauss I’s Radetzky March, written in 1848 to celebrate Austrian Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz’s victory at the Battle of Custoza against the Sardinians. Today the march is considered, along with the Blue Danube, to be the unofficial Austrian national anthem and is used by FIFA’s team Austria.

So of course, the Austrian-made Glocks make sense.

As a side note (see what we did there?) it looks like he is using sub-caliber kits to fire .22LR ammo.

Kryuchin has also filled his hands on Jingle Bells, Beethoven and others.


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