Tucson mayor carjacked at gunpoint (VIDEO)

KVOA | KVOA.com | Tucson, Arizona

A city-owned Toyota Prius was stolen when the Tucson mayor was carjacked at gunpoint outside of his home Saturday morning.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said he was walking toward his car when he was apporached by a black male who aimed a gun at him and demanded the mayor’s car keys. Rothschild said he simply handed over the keys.

Rothschild was uninjured and authorities say they have no reason to believe he was specifically targeted or even that the suspect knew he was the mayor.

The car was recovered several hours later, but the suspect remains at large.

According to local reports, the suspect attempted another carjacking a short time before stealing the mayor’s car but was unsuccessful. He was also said to be involved in an altercation with a mailman.

[ KVOA ]

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